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Gradient Mesh Backgrounds

90 Gradient Mesh Backgrounds

90 Gradient Mesh Backgrounds


A collection of 90 Gradient Mesh Backgrounds. These backgrounds are vector based and can be scaled, rotated to any size. These backgrounds can be an ideal background filler, choose one that closest matches your content. There are 9 types to choose from: Sunsets, Simple Pastels, Landscape, Floral, Industrial, Lights, Rich Tones, Patterns and Geometrics.

To use simply copy and paste then resize to your desired space, using the Transform Tool this is easy and quickly to do experimenting with many different variations.

Alternatively recolour using the edit colour command or edit the mesh to create your own creation!



The automatic installation process will install the eps file on your Desktop. Simply store in a place of your choosing and open in Adobe Illustrator, then copy the Gradient mesh you want to your document.

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