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eMAM Panel

Manages Projects, Media and Workflows.

Manages Projects, Media and Workflows.

With our built-in panel in Premiere Pro, eMAM can now make editing an open process through its powerful media asset management tools –ingest, search, review, annotate, comment, tag, approval, deliver, share, archive and restore. Search, import, export, archive and restore functionalities can now be performed directly from the eMAM panel within Premiere Pro.
In a shared editing environment, multiple editors can work on the same Premiere Pro project from a centralized storage environment. eMAM manages content in such an environment, and can now open the editing and media management workflow for worldwide collaboration and flexible storage and archive possibilities. Rough-cut, markers, project check-in, check-out, locking, and version tracking streamlines collaboration and avoids conflicts. Users of Premiere (editors) can collaborate with eMAM users, who can access the system from any web browser, iPad, or Android device.



- Remote Production
- Project Container
- Elemental Media Convert support
- Direct S3 upload
- Sequence versioning
- Team Project support
- Proxy edit

1. Once the panel is installed, Navigate to Premiere-> Windows-> Extensions -> eMAM
2. Enter the server name (HTTP URL) and click OK
3. Type the eMAM user id and password to login to the panel.
Please use the ”Change URL” option anytime to point the eMAM Panel to a different eMAM server

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