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Film Noir BW Actions

Enhance your photos with monochrome, sepia, matte and vintage analog film effects.

Enhance your photos with monochrome, sepia, matte and vintage analog film effects.


Film Noir Collection includes 6 artistic black and white conversion Photoshop actions. Atmospheric, dark and expressive, these actions simulate some features of the finest b/w analog films.

Film Noir is quite versatile, but works best with well-exposed portrait, fine-art and street imagery. Professional editorial quality with a single click!


- Film Noir I - Male Portrait
- Film Noir II - Female Portrait
- Film Noir III - Sepia
- Film Noir IV - Dark Matte
- Film Noir V - Porcelain
- Film Noir VI - Victorian


- Portrait photography
- Fine-art
- Street/candid



- Run your Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app.

- You will find the ZIP archive (presetrain_filmnoir.zip) in your local ”Downloads” folder on ”C” drive after receiving the add-on. Unzip this archive to any folder.

Installation Guide

On Mac and Windows:

1. Download action(s).
2. Locate and unpack the zip archive.
3. Open Photoshop.
4. Look for the Actions window (open it if it's not present).
5. Click the small arrow button located in the top-right of the Actions window.
6. Select Load Actions.
7. Select the .atn file(s) from location where you unpacked your zip archive to.
8. Repeat for other .atn file(s) when necessary (if actions came in a bundle).
9. Your action(s) will load into the Photoshop Actions window.

Usage Guide

1. Open you image (JPEG or converted RAW supported).
2. Make sure it is flattened (no layers, to avoid confusion) and in RGB mode.
3. Please consider retouching image (removing defects and making other technical corrections) before applying the action.
4. Select your action by clicking on it and press Play button (little arrow) on the bottom of the Actions panel.
5. You're done! A new group of adjustment layers is created above your original image. You can modify the settings to better fit your style and taste.

* * *

Please refer to documentation for installation/usage instructions. Email us at presetrain@gmail.com if you need any assistance.

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