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Juicebox for Lightroom

The ultimate HTML5 Image Gallery.

The ultimate HTML5 Image Gallery.

Juicebox is a beautiful, responsive HTML5 image gallery, built to work on all modern web devices from IE8 to iOS. Free and customizable. Easily create Juicebox galleries with the Juicebox Lightroom Plugin.

- For more details on Juicebox gallery visit: www.juicebox.net
- For support on the Juicebox Lightroom plugin visit: www.juicebox.net/support/lightroom.

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Juicebox for Lightroom v1.5.1
View the full Juicebox version history: https://www.juicebox.net/support/history/

1) Make sure that you are signed in with your Adobe ID.
2) Make sure that 'File Syncing' is turned on in your Creative Cloud desktop app ('Tools -> Preferences -> Creative Cloud -> Files -> Sync').
3) Click the blue button marked 'Free' at the top of this page to download the 'juicebox_lite_lightroom_plugin.zip' file to your 'Downloads' folder.
4) Check in your Creative Cloud desktop app 'Home -> Activity Stream' that the plugin has been downloaded successfully.
5) Go to your 'Downloads' folder and unzip the 'juicebox_lite_lightroom_plugin.zip' file to extract the 'juicebox_lite.lrwebengine' package/folder.
6) Double-click the 'juicebox_lite.lrwebengine' package (Mac) or drag and drop the 'juicebox_lite.lrwebengine' folder onto your Lightroom desktop shortcut (PC) to install the plugin.
7) Start Lightroom.
8) In Lightroom, go to the 'Web' panel. Check that 'Juicebox-Lite' is listed in the 'Layout Style' menu.

Note #1: If you have recently installed or uninstalled a version of Lightroom, please reboot your computer before installing the plugin.
Note #2: If the procedure above does not work, please download and install the plugin from here: https://www.juicebox.net/support/lightroom/

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