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Star Trail Stacker

A plugin script used to stack individual Star Trail frames.

A plugin script used to stack individual Star Trail frames.

This is a Photoshop JSX script designed to stack sequential frames(subs) taken of the starry night sky in order to create a continuous Star Trail image without the gaps that are naturally produced via interval time between frames or by the writing time to the camera's storage media.



A bug fix for the Help file not working correctly in Windows & not showing at all on Mac.

Now support all Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) files as of v9.6.1.631, bear in mind that these RAW file formats are totally camera dependent.

Anyone having any issues trying to install or use this script with Photoshop CC2017 please contact me via the email address shown here:

After installation you can find the script located in Photoshop's 'Presets > Scripts' directory contained within a folder named 'Star Trail Stacker'

To use the script.

1. Start up Photoshop.

2. Run the Photoshop script Star Trail Stacker:
From Photoshop, click File > Scripts > Star Trail Stacker by 1CM69

3. Read the comprehensive help guide first, this is important.

4. Have fun.