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iXcontrol (English)

iXcontrol for Adobe InDesign (english)

iXcontrol for Adobe InDesign (english)

iXcontrol is an extension for Adobe InDesign that allows you, to prepare your documents for the use with our on- and offline editor technologies iXedit and iXcopy. It offers a whole bunch of tagging functionalities and rules, which will be assign to specific frames. Additionally it is easily possible to parameterize all frames in a document with just a few clicks.

There are different configurations available for text frames, image frames and tables. These could be configured to adapt your corporate design guidelines, as frames could be edited, moved, scaled or deleted. Furthermore there are rules for dynamic behavior, so frames could react to each other as well as they could set page sizes automatically depending on their content.

The extension is available for free.



Added Support for CC 2020

After installation you can open the PlugIng in Adobe InDesign under ”Window -> Extensions”.

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