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Database Updater ASP

Define and connect your database update actions

Define and connect your database update actions


Perform Database Updating actions on any well-known database without any SQL and ASP knowledge! The DMXzone Database Updater ASP Dreamweaver extension gives you the power to manage the data in your databases in a whole new way through Ajax technology! You are submitting, saving and reloading your data without any page refresh! Perfect for building dynamic web sites and single page apps. Fully integrated visual tools and server code generation are available at your disposal!
The DMXzone Database Updater includes an amazing Database Updater Action Builder that will allow you to build fully visual an advanced insert, update and delete queries to your database source without any SQL knowledge! It even supports advanced filtering and for multiple update and delete actions! With the powerful Database Updater Action Executor you can define where Database Action should get its data from when executed. You quickly pick any data from the available HTML5 Data Bindings, like form fields but also any other data! Finally with the build-in Control DMXzone Database Action Executor behavior you can trigger the update action anywhere on your page you want, like on a link click, form submit or even automatic on page load!

The extension uses the connection wizard from DMXzone Database Connector ASP to define, select and use your database connections, so a full cross platform databases support is guaranteed!

DMXzone Database Updater ASP requires DMXzone Database Connector ASP and Classic ASP. It allows you to connect to any database with ASP ADO without any programming or ASP/ADO knowledge. You need a Windows web server with ASP support to use it.



Version 1.3.1

Support for GUID database types in ASP
Improved support for LIKE expressions in all database connectors
Improved database data types support

You need to have the Database Connector ASP and HTML5 Data Bindings (free) extensions installed in Dreamweaver before using this extension. You can download HTML5 Data Bindings extension from the Window-->Extensions-->Adobe Exchange panel.
Once installed the Database Updater Action Builder and Executor can be found under Dreamweaver -> Site menu

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