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Vitamin BW

Black and White conversion with personality!

Black and White conversion with personality!


Vitamin BW gives a fresh breath to your Black & White conversion, featuring:
1. Smart Contrast Enhancement.
2. Toning.
3. Good Old Times BW Color Filters (Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue)



1.0.3 - June 2015
Added support for CC2015
Mind you: CC2015 dialog has some cosmetic problems due to changes that Photoshop has introduced to the scripting rendering engine - as soon as Adobe fixes some bugs it will be OK again

1.0.2 - September 2014
FIX: fixed error ”General Photoshop Error [...] The parameters for command 'Convert to Profile' are not currently valid”
CHANGE: layer name is now [conversion, filter, toning]
CHANGE: in Triple Tone, layer groups appear minimised and not expanded.

1.0 - February 2014
First release.
Conversion: Default, Boost
Toning: Neutral, Cool, Warm, Mixed
Filters: None, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue
CS6 + CC, Mac + PC

Please find Vitamin BW in the Filter menu.

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