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Dry Ice

Adobe Photoshop brushes of dry ice

Adobe Photoshop brushes of dry ice


Special effects of Dry Ice Photoshop Brushes are so cool, they can produce vigorous and voluminous types of fog, not anything like fire or early morning coldness can look like.
Its cold temperatures of -109.3 Degrees Fahrenheit or -78.5 Degrees Celsius when immersed in hot water, create a cloud of true water vapors. It actually flows down and in the direction of any air movement. Never have I seen brushes like these. I love producing something no one has; and this is one of them.

This collection of 70 Hi- Resolution brushes for Cs and Up.



This being a .zxp file it will automatically unpackage be but in your program of choice.
Put the brush presets you have downloaded into the folder Photoshop\Presets\Brushes in the Adobe folder in Program Files if you use Windows or in Applications if you use Macintosh. The original brush presets that come with Adobe Photoshop are kept in this folder. The brush presets should have an .abr ending.
In Photoshop in the help menu you can find online at Adobe.com site that will guide you also.