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Cloud Tagger

Automatic keyword tagging using Google image analysis

Automatic keyword tagging using Google image analysis


Speed up your keywording workflow by getting automatic suggestions from the Google brain!

This Lightroom plugin will allow you to get keyword suggestions on your selected images using Google's Cloud Vision machine learning-powered image analysis service.

It can be used for selected individual images to selectively apply the suggested keywords, or in batch mode to auto-apply all keywords having a good enough confidence factor.

General notes on the keyword suggestions:

- Due to limitations of the image analysis service used by this plugin, the keyword suggestions are currently only available in English.
- Computers aren't as good as human brains yet. Hence the quality of the suggestions can vary, and obviously will work less on the more abstract images. You can experiment with the quality of the suggestions at https://cloud.google.com/vision/ Please do not contact me regarding the quality of the suggestions as I do not have control over these.

Note about the price:

The image analysis service used by this plugin is not free, and this cost is entirely supported by me, the developer of this plugin. To recoup this cost, I do need to charge a fee that should offset it over the lifetime of the plugin.
Should Google (or a competing service of equivalent quality) release a free version of their image analysis service, I will publish a free version of the plugin.

This plugin supports:
- Keyword hierarchies
--> Google doesn't return keyword suggestions in a hierarchy but the plugin but if a suggestion matches one in your existing hierarchy, it will use it. If the keyword is new, it will be placed under a root keyword of your choice.
- Batch mode
- Configurable confidence threshold for auto-acceptance
- Keyword blacklisting

Note that many review comments point out bugs that have been long addressed (missing batch mode, or reports of the plugin not working - usually this is because the menu item ).
There are currently no outstanding known issues.

- Installation issues: Installation is entirely managed by Creative Cloud, I do not have any control on this process. In general it ”just works” but if you face issues the best is to contact Adobe support
- The most common usage issue is just not finding how to invoke the plugin... The plugin is normally accessible in the Library > Plug-in Extras menu. Warning, Lightroom has another ”Plug-in Extras” menu under File. The newest version of this plugin is also accessible from that menu, but older versions didn't.
- This plugin caches the Google suggestions. In case you face issues on some individual photos, you may try to clear the cached data using the menu item and retry the suggestion.

Hope you enjoy this plugin!



1.4.0 (15-Oct-2018)
NEW: Now using account linkage with Google account

1. Installation is managed automatically by Adobe CC.
2. Restart Lightroom and navigate to File -> Plug-in Manager to enable ”Cloud Tagger”.