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Actions for Photoshop - Esprit

Esprit Actions Collection makes it easy to give your photos an awesome premium matte look and feel

Esprit Actions Collection makes it easy to give your photos an awesome premium matte look and feel


Esprit Actions Collection makes it easy to give your photos an awesome premium matte look and feel. The set includes photo effects ranging from soft and moody to a beautiful velvety matte finish, creating color and monochrome images. These actions are highly versatile, you can use them with a wide variety of photos from portraits to landscapes and urban photography.
Create the perfect premium matte finish for your images!

Follow the link below for downloading the PDF preview album-

Esprit Actions Set contains 8 collections /100 actions:

1. VELVETINES : True Velvet, Teacup, Alien, Pink Velvet, Zenon, Beet It, Squash, Thistle, Wicked, Glacier, Raven / B&W

2. ETERNITY : Pacifico, Avanti, Sansumi, Larimar, Quango, Libera, Espacio, Aleo, Gautami, Taurunum, Zekton

3. INSIGNIA : Mountain Meadow, Turquoise Blue, Burnt Umber, India Green, Lavender Indigo, Pacific Blue, Titanium Yellow, Venetian Red, Guppie Green, Royal Azure, Persian Rose, + Lighting Effect

4. GLORY : Spiritual, Golden Kingdom, Wild Angel, Imagination, Queen of Hearts, Ordinary Magic, Moon Serenade, Spring Wind, Salvation, Phenomenal, One Moment / B&W

5. ENCORE : Bleu de France, Brink Pink, Dartmouth Green, Sea Blue, Palatinate Purple, Otter Brown, Cadmium Green, Dark Chestnut, Blackberry, Field Drab, Oxford Blue, Just B&W

6. GENESIS : Moon Shadow, Blue Waters, Chariots of Fire, Atlantis, Forest Echo, Desert Flower, Exotic Journey, Oasis, Mountain Lullaby, Sunny Sunday, Australe, Terra Incognita B&W

7. FUSION : Turquoise Blue, Lightning Blue, Evergreen, Caprice Yellow, Ruby Red, Blue Candy, Wild Violet, Kona Blue, Raw Copper, Bronze Fire, Shadow Black B&W

8. HERITAGE : Clarence, Blanche, Theodore, Cynaburga, Xantippa, Charley, Jasper, Calpurnia, Polyxena, Floyd, Ulysses, Harold, Prospera, Ernest, Grant, Raymond, Rosalba, + Vintage Film Grain

- The actions within the set load multiple layers allowing you to easily adjust the look of the photo after the action has run, delivering perfect results. Now you can easily add creative look to your photos.
- Using Photoshop Actions you can do lots of creative and fun stuff. You can manipulate photos like you imagine and can show others what you have in your creative mind. Photoshop provides an intense variety of editing options to enhance your photography. From corrective skin toning for portrait work to special color enhancements for images, Photoshop brings the power of professional editing into your work.
- Photoshop actions are perfect for novices to Photoshop simply because it allows you to apply multiple different photo effects to an image within a few seconds without having knowledge about the ins and outs of Photoshop.

- Mac OS X and Windows compatible
- Work great with Adobe Photoshop CC/2015-2018
- Includes PDF preview album
- Step by step instructions are included explaining how to apply content

If you are experiencing problems downloading or using files, please contact us by email - miracle.design.latvia@gmail.com

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All Rights Reserved



All actions were updated and optimized for using with the latest version of Adobe Photoshop 2018

Within Photoshop, click Window > Actions, then click the button on the top right of the Actions Panel to reveal Fashion Actions (Encore / Eternity / Fusion ...etc).
The PDF preview album will be saved on Desktop.

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