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Random Film Generator Pro

Can't decide which film look to use? Let these Photoshop actions randomly generate one for you!

Can't decide which film look to use? Let these Photoshop actions randomly generate one for you!


Create unlimited random film effects in just one click with these Photoshop actions. You can get effects that look like photographic film, expired Polaroid prints, and more. The actions can generate up to 20 effects at a time and the effects can be export

Photoshop Actions List:
- Generate 1 Tonal Effect
- Generate 5 Tonal Effects
- Generate 10 Tonal Effects
- Generate 20 Tonal Effects
- Generate 1 Color Effect
- Generate 5 Color Effects
- Generate 10 Color Effects
- Generate 20 Color Effects
Individual Controls
- Random Contrast
- Random Fade
- Random Hue Shift
- Random Vibrance
- Random Color Lightness
- Test Document
- Need Help?

✔ Batch Generate 20 Film Effects
Generate up to 20 effects at a time using a combination of tonal and color adjustments.

✔ Save Time with Snapshot Prerendering
Play one action and pick the effects. This saves you time because you can switch effects instantly without having to play each action one-by-one.

✔ Compatible with LUTs (Photoshop CC Only)
These effects are created with LUT-compatible adjustment layers. Easily export the randomly generated effect into various LUT files that you can use in other software such as Adobe Premiere and Adobe Media Encoder.


Instructions Adobe Addons.pdf

After the file has synced, it will be available in your local Downloads folder.

1. Extract the ZIP file.
2. In Photoshop, open the Actions panel (Window > Actions).
3. Choose the ATN file with a filename that matches your version of Photoshop. Drag and drop the ATN file into the Actions panel.
4. Select an action and click the play button.

Can't find the download?

1. Open the Creative Cloud desktop application, click the three vertical dots icon in the upper-right, and then select Preferences.
2. Click Creative Cloud and select Files. Ensure that File Sync is enabled.

We're happy to help! Please contact us at support@sparklestock.com

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