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Silky Master Collection

The Master Collection of 90 LR Presets from Silky Presets

The Master Collection of 90 LR Presets from Silky Presets


Silky Master Collection
90, count ‘em, NINETY unique, powerful, creative presets in one tidy package! Contains:

Silky Shine Collection
30 presets designed to dramatically boost your images, from straight out of camera to polished in one click. Instantly brighter, more vibrant images. This powerful clean-edit set is ideal for portrait work but is great for virtually any kind of photography.

Silky Smooth Collection
30 oh-so-silky matte presets to impress even the haters. They may be matte, but they are anything but dull or muddy; these presets were carefully created with the professional photographer in mind. Great for evening out skin tones and softening harsh shadows.

Silky Soft Collection
30 beautifully gentle presets. Specially formulated for newborn and wedding photographers, their usefulness extends to just about anything that requires a little finesse. A versatile mix of matte and clean edit presets.



1. Find the ZIP in your Downloads folder after installation via Extension Manager. Double-clicking the zip file to extract the contents. You'll now have a folder with all your presets in it. Put it somewhere you can find it easily in a few minutes.
2. Open Lightroom and go to your Develop module. Where the presets are listed on the left hand side, right-click User Presets and select ”New Folder.” You can then create a folder for your Silky Presets to live in; you can call it whatever you want but something like the name of the collection would make sense.
3. Right click on this new folder and select ”Import...”. Navigate to the Downloads folder or wherever your presets are currently and select all of them then click import. That's it! You're done! You can now start playing with your Silky Presets.