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PageProof. Making feedback welcome

The simplest way to upload proofs, action changes and send out new versions to PageProof® without leaving your Adobe creative tools.

The simplest way to upload proofs, action changes and send out new versions to PageProof® without leaving your Adobe creative tools.

PageProof is a powerful online proofing tool that makes reviewing and approving work feel effortless, turning what was once a headache into a welcome part of every day.

Less headaches, more high fives.
No more complicated email trails. No more chasing feedback. PageProof streamlines it all.
Send video, html web banners, email templates, websites, audio, imagery, documents, 3D and more.
Wherever you work, so does PageProof. Including in Adobe Creative Cloud.

PageProof®'s Adobe CC extension lets you:
- Create a new proof
- View comments and markup layered directly over your file
- Mark comments as done
- Create a new proof version
- View a dashboard of your proofs

More humans, less bots. Our team is always available in-app to ask a question if you need to over at https://pageproof.com
Why PageProof?
With its ingeniously simple design, PageProof turns what was once a headache into an easy and welcome part of every day. But it's more than just a better way to review and approve work. It's a way to give everyone in your team a voice, harnessing the brilliant diversity of thought within your organization and strengthening every piece of work it creates.

► See how smart teams work: https://youtu.be/ah19D2QHWfE

Minimum supported versions:
- Illustrator CC 2019
- InDesign CC 2020 (2019 supported, contact our team)
- InCopy CC 2019
- Photoshop CC 2019
- Premiere Pro CC 2019
- After Effects CC 2019

Requires a PageProof subscription. If you are not already on a PageProof subscription plan, you can start a free trial here: https://pageproof.com/online-proofing-start-free-trial/



We love online proofing and review & approval, so we are making it easier for you to send your work from your creative tool out to your reviewers - and bring their comments back into your design tools.

This release includes:
- Improvements for Adobe Illustrator
- Rich text in comments - bold, italic, subscript, superscript, lists!
- Improved support for Illustrator artboards
- Upload your proof into a collection folder
- Improvement to spreads for InDesign
- Crops and bleed support for InDesign
- PSD or JPG upload from Photoshop
- Proof owners can mark comments as Done at any stage
- Updated to fully support CC 2021

Smart and simple - just like PageProof.

Once the panel is installed:

Make sure you have an account on https://pageproof.com

1. Open Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, InCopy, Premiere Pro, After Effects or Photoshop
2. Navigate to the Window Menu > Extensions > PageProof
3. Login using your PageProof account
4. Now you are ready to create new proofs directly from within your Adobe creative tools

If the PageProof add-on does not install, please follow the manual install instructions here: