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Evolphin Wave panel

Collaborate and share your video using your Evolphin Wave account directly from Premiere.

Collaborate and share your video using your Evolphin Wave account directly from Premiere.

The Evolphin Wave Panel for Adobe Premiere makes working on videos with your team as smooth as possible.

The Evolphin Wave Panel allows you to access your Wave account directly from Premiere. Export and upload your sequence to Wave in the background while you edit, create sharable links to your media to send to clients, and sync comments on your videos to your timeline as markers.

The panel is compatible with Premiere Pro 2015 and higher, on Mac and Windows.

An Evolphin Wave account is required to use the panel. For more information (or to sign up for free) go to http://wave.evolphin.com



Improvements and fixes for Adobe Premiere 2019
Panel renamed to Evolphin Wave

After adding the extension to your Creative Cloud account on the Adobe Add-Ons page, the Creative Cloud app should automatically install the panel on your computer in a few moments if you have the required version of Premiere installed (version 2015.0 or higher).

Once Creative Cloud installs the extension, launch Premiere (or restart it if it was running), and you can find the panel in Premiere's main menu under Window > Extensions.

If you're having issues installing, please make sure Adobe Extension Manager is not installed on your computer. Then, remove the Evolphin Wave panel from your Adobe Add-Ons page, restart your computer, wait for Creative Cloud to finish loading, and reactivate the panel from your Adobe Add-Ons page. It should install in a few moments.

If you work in a corporate environment that does not use personal Creative Cloud accounts, please have your IT department follow the instructions on this page for manually installing the panel using the ExMan Command Line Tool: https://partners.adobe.com/exchangeprogram/creativecloud/support/exman-com-line-tool.html

If you have any questions, please email us at panel@wavepost.net and we'll be happy to help.