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InBase Lite

Database Publishing Solution.

Database Publishing Solution.

Key features of InBase
1) Any format can be applied by allowing field areas to be defined within the text.
2) By using the anchor function in the text box, it meets various requirements of typesetting flow.
3) By supporting Nested group, any design can be utilized without restriction.
4) Rule script function can be provided to handle various conditions such as exception processing and classification processing.
5) You can mix and match tables and grouped objects (including ungrouped objects).



* This version is free, but has the following limitations:
- 100 records limit.
- 3 times data source load.

- Quit InDesign CC program if running.
- Copy 'InBase(64bit)' folder or 'InBase(32bit)' to InDesign 'Plug-ins' folder.
- Start InDesign CC