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43 Lumetri Looks (GoPro Series)

43 Useful Lumetri Looks For Your GoPro Footage

43 Useful Lumetri Looks For Your GoPro Footage

This download has 43 useful Lumetri Looks for your GoPro Footage that will make your video look more appealing.

Preview these GoPro Lumetri Looks at: https://youtu.be/SR6Wo0Rlih8

Download my free Premiere Pro Lumetri Looks at: https://creative.adobe.com/addons/products/12770



Assuming your using Premiere in the default layout.
1. Go to the effects tab
2. Right click on the presets tab
3. Click import presets and locate the file you just purchased
4. Click ok!
Your new presets will appear in the presets tab labeled (GoPro Lumetri Looks 1-43)
TIP: Create a new bin before importing your new presets. Right click the bin and import your presets into that bin!

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