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VSCOCam Inspired Lightroom Presets Bundle

VSCOCam Mobile App Inspired Lightroom filters the emulate traditional film toning and grain.

VSCOCam Mobile App Inspired Lightroom filters the emulate traditional film toning and grain.


**VSCOCam Inspired Lightroom filters the emulate traditional film toning and grain. Sampled from Popular App filters, and Inspired by Fuji, Ilford, & Kodak Film.**

Our Professional Presets are used to achieve beautiful film toning, speed up your workflow and allow you to edit with consistency. Consistency within a shoot or a project is so important, especially if you are processing wedding photography. You don't want each image to have a different tone. This pack allows you to creatively edit and achieve a stylish consistent aesthetic.
*For more examples visit our site: https://www.filtercollective.co

These will emulate as closely as possible in Lightroom for A4, A5, A6, B1, X1, B5, M5, HB1, HB2, SE3, and T1. I've also included 12 tool presets to help you achieve the perfect filter for each image and your style. 30 total Lightroom Filters.


**Included in your VSCO Inspired Kit**

- Warm Tones & Muted Colors Sampled From A4
- Clean Edit & Blue Tones A5
- Clean Edit & Green Tones A6
- Classic B&W Tones B1
- Faded Black BW X1
- Rich Black & High Contrast BW B5
- Warm Tones & Moody Contrast M5
- Clean Edit & Pastels Tones HB1
- Gritty Texture & Pastels Tones HB2
- Cold Tones and Faded Whites T1
- Editorial Tones & Contrast SE3
- 6 +/- Filters to help you customize each Filter
- 12 Tool Presets for Grain, Fade, Contrast, White Balance, & Reseting
- Instructions & Usage Included
- 24 hour support and customer care


Instant Download, For use in Lightroom only CS3-CC Version Contact me with any questions or if you need any help.

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Updated and added presets to this bundle

**All instructions are included within your zip file**

Locate your downloaded files, either on your desktop or in your download folder. Unzip your folder, then you can either double-click on the .atn file that's located inside the folder to install it in Photoshop, or load it through the Actions panel in Photoshop by clicking on the top right icon and selecting Load Actions. Full instructions are included in your folder as well. For troubleshooting or any questions please email us @filtercollectiveshop@gmail.com We are always happy to help!

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