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Kodak Portra Film Lightroom Presets

Kodak Portra Lightroom filters that emulate traditional Kodak film toning and grain.

Kodak Portra Lightroom filters that emulate traditional Kodak film toning and grain.


Kodak Portra is a family of daylight-balanced professional color negative films originally introduced in 1998 made mainly for portrait and wedding photoshoots. The films are available in three speeds — 160, 400, and 800 ISO — with the 160 and 400 speed formerly available as ”natural color” (NC) and ”vivid color” (VC).

Included in your Kodak Portra Kit

•Portra 160
•Portra 160 VC (Vidid Color)
•Portra 160 NC (Natural Color)
•Portra 400
•Portra 400 VC (Vivid Color)
•Portra 400 UC (Ultra Color)
•Portra 400 NC (Natural Color)
•Portra 800
•Portra 800 HC (High Contrast)
•8 +/- Filters to help you customize each Filter
•12 Tool Presets for Grain, Fade, Contrast, White Balance, & Reseting
•Instructions & Usage Included
•24 hour support and customer care


•Kodak Portra 160 has very neutral tones towards the warmer side. The 160 has the least saturation of the Kodak Pro films, and the film grain is extremely fine. The skin tones from the Portra 160 are light and luminous.
*Filters Best for portrait, and artistic photography

•Kodak Portra 400 has the perfect amount of saturation, sharpness and contrast, with just the right amount of grain to add depth.. Colors are vivid, skin is luminous.
*Fiters Best for portrait, wedding, and fashion photography

•Kodak Portra 800 has luminous skin tones, has added saturation and more film grain. It makes the skin look great in very difficult lighting situations.
*Filters Best for Low light portrait photography, and landscapes

Instant Download, For use in Lightroom only CS3-CC Version
Contact me with any questions or if you need any help.

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Go to your Downloads folder to find KodakPortra.zip. Extract the .lrtemplate files.

Open Lightroom and make sure you are in the Develop Module. In the Presets panel right-click and create a new folder named Kodak Portra, right-click on the folder you just made and choose “Import”. Locate where you have saved the unzipped presets, select them, and then click “Open”. Full Instructions Included

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