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SmugMug Publish Plug-in

The official SmugMug plug-in for Lightroom

The official SmugMug plug-in for Lightroom

The official SmugMug Publish plug-in lets you sync your SmugMug folders with your Lightroom catalog, then publish seamlessly to your online galleries. Organize, edit, and manage everything you shoot from the one application you use the most.



- update SmugMug logo to resolve display issue in some cases
- disable 'Use URL handler for Authorization' functionality
- fix upscaling error message
- default LargestSize to 5K for non-pros

- update SmugMug logo
- fix bug with image syncing related to unverified filename only matches
- handle deleted printmakers/watermarks more gracefully
- fix cornercase in image syncing where filenames had spaces and plusses

- add support for UrlName of up to 60 characters
- minor image syncing improvements

- add option to disable comment syncing
- add new display sizes and descriptions

- fix bug that prevented comment retrieval on Smart Galleries
- fix issue with sending empty Uris instead of ”null”
- fix issue with Cover Image settings not saving

- Add support for Cover Image
- Allow users to choose which metadata is included on Publish/Republish

- Fix issue with captions and keywords on uploads due to server-side changes

- Fix bug that prevented users with revoked tokens from reauthorizing
- Fix issue with incorrectly constructed guest uploading urls

- Fix issue that prevented LR3/4 users from renaming galleries/folders
- Use https for checking for new plugin updates

- Fix issue with in-app upgrades failing to download new file

- Fix cornercase with Image syncing related to file-name only matching

- Add option to disable the URL handler during Authorization

- prevent users from being able to upscale photos
- uploads over https
- minor enhancement to hierarchy syncing

- major under the hood rewrite/refactor
- added ”Access” and ”Visibility” settings to basic version of gallery setting dialog
- renamed ”Sync Hierarchy” to ”Sync Folders and Galleries”
- moved syncing of folders, galleries and photos to background so you continue using LR during syncing
- fixed bug preventing dragging and dropping of folders and galleries to a new location in the publish services tree
- added code to disable advanced mode if the screen resolution is too small

- remove ”External Embedding” option from gallery settings for NSM accounts
- fix error ”An Internal error had occurred ?:0: attempt to index field 'Expansions' (a nil value)”

- remove ”Allow Likes” option from gallery settings for NSM accounts
- remove Gallery and Quick Setting sharpening options
- expose Output Sharpening for Publish Service settings
- migrate to using API node endpoints for NSM accounts

- fix bug with Feature image not getting set on advanced album dialog
- remove support for Password and PasswordHint from Quick Settings
- fix cornercase with transparent PNGs getting exported as JPEGs without transparency

- rewrite code to read files for uploading to resolve issue with SDK call that was failing for large videos
- implement ”Bulk Download” gallery options

- update Album setting defaults
- update default Upload limits
- fix bug where synonyms were removed when ”Remove Person Info” was selected
- fix issue with duplicate oauth_nonce being created when publishing more than one gallery at the same time

- fix bug with face tags not being removed for republishes when ”Remove Person Info” was selected

- fix bug which resulted in some files not being uploaded

- fix compatibility issues with LR6
- fix incorrect grammar on Password Hint field
- fix disabled Password and Password Hint fields on Quick Settings dialog
- handle unexpected response on upload failure

- improve handling of expired accounts

- fix cornercases which may prevent galleries or folders from being created on SmugMug

- minor bug fix

- add support for Private Sharing
- refactor storage of local Preferences

- Remove ”A security vulnerability was fixed” dialog

- add code to attempt to automatically fix the SSLv3 POODLE vulnerability on Windows
- fix bug with revoked tokens not showing the correct status
- improve image syncing with LR Smart Galleries
- allow new galleries or folders to connect to existing object on SmugMug when the Custom URL is the same
- in-app upgrade enhancements: improve logging, copy plugin to recommended location on read-only folder (Mac only)

- first auto-installable version for the Adobe Exchange

- add code to handle nickname changes more gracefully
- fix cornercases for oauth_timestamp refused on OAuth flow endpoints
- minor enhancement to photo digest generation

- use a different method to determine Legacy status
- add automatic correction for oauth_timestamp on uploads
- add an option to include filenames as a keyword on upload
- fix a bug that prevented accounts from authorizing
- fix cornercase that deals with modified images that need to be reuploaded
- add error handling for images over the megapixel limit

- prompt users to resync their hierarchy on 404s during gallery/folder creation
- fix cornercase where galleries may have legacy settings
- fix minor image sync bug when searching on filename only
- fix potential issue with keyword export when ”Write Keywords as Lightroom Hierarchy” is not selected
- fix issue with metadata that was causing ”Assertion failed” during image syncing
- migrate remaining legacy API calls to v2
- tweak the image sync ranking algorithm
- fix cornercase for image syncing with Canon 9000F

- CC compatible release (installs to $userdatafolder/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules)
- moved to use SSL for all API v2 requests
- fix issue with video to small to render error being displayed erroneously
- fix issue with reading API responses under error conditions
- fix minor bug with experimental image sync
- fix bug where ”Show on SmugMug” displayed the origin album for a collected or smart gallery image
- fix issue with single multi-word keywords on replaces being split into multiple words

- fix cornercase with photo digest generation
- fix issue with API response being too large during image syncing
- show progress dialog earlier during image syncing

- bug fix for LR3 users getting an error when creating/editing a gallery

- fix minor bug for schema revision on upgrading from old API to new
- Hierarchy syncing enhancement for folders

- fix Windows compatibility issues with gallery feature image selection (LR4 and LR5 only)
- Allow selection of unpublished images as feature image
- Automatic plugin update improvements

- add ability to set Feature Image for Galleries (LR4 and LR5 only)
- Remove ”Sync before Edit” option and make that the default option

- fix error ”attempt to index field 'pluginContext' (a nil value)”
- fix image sync issue with NIKON cameras
- change privacy setting names to reflect website
- fix issue where stale album data may be overwritten locally in LR

- fix quicksetting privacy issue
- fix unsharp defaults
- add metadata trigger for IPTC headline
- add fallback support for IPTC headline when title is empty

- added support for creating/editing/removing quicksettings
- added support for editing/removing printmarks and watermarks
- fixed issue where an error message was disabled when a comment was attempted to be added to an image in a gallery with comments disabled
- readded ”Rename” functionality for LR3 and LR4, due to an issue with the LR SDK
- refactored hierarchy sync to use a single API call at each level of hierarchy, rather than two
- fixed image sync issue for Canon CanoScan 9000F
- fixed image sync issue where DateTimeDigitized was not being obtained correctly

- fixed ”system error” issue for replaces with legacy ImageUris
- fixed ”constraint failed” error during conflict resolution
- fixed image sync cornercases for Pentax and HTC cameras
- increased image retrieval response size for image sync and comments

This plug-in automatically installs to the following location:
- Mac OSX: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules
- Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Modules

Installation problem ?
You can download a zip version of the plugin from our help page...http://help.smugmug.com/customer/portal/articles/1491124

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