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MindThes CC (monthly subscription)

Thesaurus for InDesign and InCopy

Thesaurus for InDesign and InCopy


MindThes. Thesaurus for InDesign and InCopy with support for over 30 languages!

Subscription version. Contains plugins for InDesign CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2017, CC 2018, and CC 2019. Mac, Win 32, and Win 64.

Key Features:
• MindThes thesaurus engine
• Synonym lists
• Antonym lists
• Sort by meanings
• English definitions
• Simply right-click a word to access the synonyms, antonyms, and meanings of the word
• Over 30 languages supported
• Scriptable



MindThes 2.0.1 Subscription.
CC 2014 - CC 2018 Mac and Win versions.

Install MindThes CC from the Adobe Add-Ons website, then restart InDesign. MindThes synonyms and antonyms and be found by right clicking on a word. The MindThes prefs panel can be found in the Preferences dialog.

* The MindThes manual can be opened with the Mind-> MindThes Manual... menu item.
* You will find the MindThes Preferences panel in the Mind menu.

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