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Mask Equalizer. Luminosity Masks From Multiple Tonal Ranges

Mask Equalizer. Luminosity Masks From Multiple Tonal Ranges


MASK Equalizer is an exclusive Photoshop plugin that allows you to create luminosity masks with extreme ease, using multiple tonal ranges; for example adding highlights to shadows. You can choose between our presets to create a layer mask with just one click, adjust them or manually create custom ones from scratch.

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Mask Equalizer offers the exclusive priceless wonder-option of the double live preview. Switching back and forth previewing the black & white mask or just the image with the mask already applied you can create any elaborate layer mask. Mask Equalizer let you modify the opacity of the mask, feather it or adjust its contrast. It also works with adjustment layers, advanced objects, and groups. Advanced users will even be able to work on specific channels. Mask Equalizer perfectly complements Wow! Frequency Equalizer and really shines when they are used together.



Mask Equalizer 1.1.3

Navigate to Windows -> Extensions -> Wow! Frequency Equalizer Pro

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