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RH Color Approximator

Dynamically adaptive swatch color generation

Dynamically adaptive swatch color generation


The Color Approximator extension for Adobe Photoshop instantly and automatically generates nearby color swatches according to your preferences.

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When painting, color picking from the canvas is standard workflow. But the fluidity is broken when you need a variation of a color not already on the image. Perhaps you want a more saturated version, a brighter version, warmer, colder etc.

While the photoshop default swatches are handy for some situations they're far from adaptive, and usually not relevant to the image you're working on. So you pick a color and then start fiddling with sliders. And they can be fiddly.

Color approximator gives you instant ranges and variations on the color you choose directly from your image. On the fly!



Please find Color Approximator in the Windows > Extensions menu

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