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Mapsoft TOCBuilder

Build a Table of Contents for PDF files

Build a Table of Contents for PDF files


The TOCBuilder tool allows you to create a Table of Contents which becomes part of the PDF file by adding the required number of pages. Each entry within the Table of Contents can show the appropriate page for that entry and each entry has a link. The plug-in uses the bookmark hierarchy to construct the TOC and all interaction within the PDF file is also available in the TOC.



The product menu item 'TOCBuilder' can be found under the Acrobat Plug-ins/Mapsoft menu.

Please locate the file in your Downloads folder.

Please make sure that you have the full version of Acrobat running or at least a demo version. This plug-in will not run under the free Adobe Reader. The plug-in becomes part of Adobe Acrobat so once the software is installed you will need to open Adobe Acrobat to use it.

To install the software:

1. Extract the installer from the zip file that you have downloaded. In Windows 7/8 you probably won't have to extract the installer as the zip file will open just like a folder.

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