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EAN13 Barcode Maker

EAN(JAN)13 Barcode Maker ver.2.

EAN(JAN)13 Barcode Maker ver.2.

Make EAN(JAN)13 Barcodes directly within Illustrator.

Version 2 provides some great new features:
New features

If you have the OCRB-Std.otf font, EAN13Maker uses it automatically. You can get from Typekit:

Scale factor
You can choose 80~200%(10%step) scaling.

Batch mode
Now, you can generate many codes from one Text file.

1. Select ”Select a Source File...” from Sub menu.
2. Select the file that includes codes you want to make into barcodes.
e.g.: 4912345678904

3. Ean13 Barcode Maker generates codes automatically and saves them beside your selected text file. If you need to scale codes, set the slider value before selecting the text file.

PLEASE NOTE: This extension needs 13 character inputs for the barcode. If you get errors, please check your input codes.



To update the support version range.

Navigate to Windows -> Extensions to find MyExtension.

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