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Mapsoft BookMarker

Create bookmarks in PDF documents.

Create bookmarks in PDF documents.


Bookmarker creates PDF bookmarks from text defined by the text attributes in your PDF documents.

You can use the Text Select tool from the Acrobat toolbar to highlight a sample of text. Bookmarker then uses the attributes of the selected text to define a particular bookmark level. Bookmarks can be nested to any number of levels.

The tryout version of BookMarker can be downloaded at: http://www.mapsoft.com/register_product.aspx?ID=bookmarker



The product menu item 'Bookmarker' can be found under the Acrobat Plug-ins/Mapsoft menu.

The file will be in your Downloads folder.

Please make sure that you have the full version of Acrobat running or at least a demo version. This plug-in will not run under the free Adobe Reader. The plug-in becomes part of Adobe Acrobat so once the software is installed you will need to open Adobe Acrobat to use it.

To install the software:

1. Extract the installer from the zip file . In Windows 7/8 you probably won't have to extract the installer as the zip file will open just like a folder.

2. Run the Mapsoft_Bookmarker_Install.exe file by double clicking on it with the mouse.

3. Run through the screens agreeing to the license agreement, and entering your serial number. If you don't have a serial number and just want to use the demo version of the software then just type the word ”Demo” (without the quotes) into the serial number field.

4. When installing, please ensure that you select a writable folder as the configuration file location in Windows Vista and Windows 7/8 as illustrated below. This will be shared between all Mapsoft Acrobat Plug-ins that you install now and in the future. Please talk to your IT department if you are unsure about this.

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