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Channels Power Tool

CPT- Channels Power Tool - Advanced Mask Editing for Adobe® Photoshop®

CPT- Channels Power Tool - Advanced Mask Editing for Adobe® Photoshop®


CPT is a Photoshop® extension to you quickly evaluate, edit and work with channels for masking and blending, increasing your productivity and image quality.
Channels Power Tool will enhance your color control precision and productivity.
- Easily get a preview of all available channels displayed in a separate file like a Contact Sheet for better image analysis.
- Ultra fast Channel and Mask Live Preview,
- Customizable Appy Image Options,
- Fake K (Dan Margulis’ Bogus Black w/ 3 GCR choices)
- HSB Channel (Hue, Saturation, Brightness), for full control of your corrections.
- Open and edit curves and blur the masks directly within the panel, your workflow will be faster and efficient.
- Get a Live Preview of all available channels from different Color Spaces
- Up to 32 Channels at your fingertips without the need of duplicating/converting
- Apply or Load LAB RGB CMYK HSB channels and their inverse them in just one click. as masks or selections.
- Documentation accessible directly within the panel.

Vimeo screencasts recorded by CPT author - www.cromaline.com



V 1.1.6 - September 2015
CC2015 Compatibility update:
fixed a minor bug on win system when using the HSB plug-ins.

Please find CPT panel in the Extension menu.
You can also run ” Live preview”, ”Generate Preview” and ”Mask Preview” from the Scripts menu.
Access Documentation from within the panel.
Contact the Author for any support at: cromaline@mac.com

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