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False Profile

The easy and automated way to assign and work with false profiles.

The easy and automated way to assign and work with false profiles.

Luminosity and Tonal Range Control with Low or High gamma.

A utility that improves and speeds up your photo workflow assigning false profile to your images in a fast, easy and 'intelligent' way. A practical solution and a useful tool for all of you who are involved in color correction.

Either the False Profiles panel and a set of RGB false profiles (ICC) will be automatically installed avoiding manual creation/positioning.

Based on Dan Margulis’ false profile technique, works very well for underexposed and overexposed images, to balance highlights and shadows and recover detail and sometimes for over saturated photos and CMYK conversions.

False Profile 2 panel is easier to use, and can be launched even on Lab and CMYK documents.

The panel also implements preferences which allows to automatically assign a pre-selected workspace to untagged documents and to add a Curves Adjustment Layer in Multiply Blend Mode.

This version works in conjunction with the PPW Tools 4 panel presented the first time by Dan Margulis at the Photoshop World convention in Washington DC, March 2012. 
The PPW Tools 4 panel can open the False Profile V 2.0.4 panel as an option and share the same stored preferences.



V 2.0.6- March 2016
*Type color has been adjusted so that is is more legible in later versions of Photoshop CC2015
* minor bugs fixed

Please find False Profile 2 panel in the Extension menu.

Access Documentation from within the panel.

Contact the Author for any support at: cromaline@mac.com

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