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Bleed & Safe Guidelines Action Set for Photoshop

Bleed & Safe Guidelines & Crop Marks

Bleed & Safe Guidelines & Crop Marks

Photoshop action preset to add guidelines for bleed and safe areas for any size or resolution document. Includes action for new documents, existing documents with artwork. Also includes prepress actions to add crop marks and safe area marks for proofs to your clients. Easy to install and use. Please rate if you find useful.



Download the action. It will save to your Downloads folder on both Win and Mac computers. With Photoshop open, double-click on the action file in the Downloads folder to load it into the Actions Panel in Photoshop. If it does not load correctly, open the Actions panel (Windows->Actions). In the upper right corner of the panel, select Load Actions, then select the action from the Downloads folder.

To use the bonus cutline marks and safe area actions, use the selection tool to create a selection around the guidelines created with the first action, then run the action. The action will automatically create a layer with a red cutline or green safe area for any size document.