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The Supercharged Gradient Tool

The Supercharged Gradient Tool


The Sblended Add-On provides a beautiful, responsive panel in Photoshop that lets you define and apply entirely new, unrivaled gradient effects. Its unique, patent-pending technology was built from the ground up to be the simplest, fastest, and most delightful way to create colorful, captivating effects.

Amplifying the built-in Gradient Tool, the Sblended Add-On applies its effect when activated in lieu of the usual, basic gradient effect. The current selection and starting and ending points of the tool are taken into account for fine-grained control over the effect.

Need some inspiration? Import Blend (.bld) files from the community or export your own and share the love.

Find out more at: https://sblended.com



This update fixes an issue that affected the size/position of the applied effect when working with very large images.

From Photoshop,
Navigate to Window > Extensions > Sblended

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