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Lightroom To Premiere

Lightroom Plug-In for connection with Premiere Pro

Lightroom Plug-In for connection with Premiere Pro

On windows machines there is no ability to drag&drop files from the Lightroom Library to an active Premiere Pro Project. This Lightroom-Plugin can build a jsx-file based on the current selection in the Lightroom Library. The jsx-files can then be executed by ExtendScript Toolkit and import all selected Files into an active Premiere Pro project.



- extract LightroomToPremiere.zip
- Lightroom > File > Plugin-Manager > add > select extracted 'LightroomToPremiere.lrplugin' folder

- Open a Premiere Pro project
- Select files in the Lightroom Library
- Go to File > Plugin-Extras> PREMIERE PRO > Build LightroomToPremiere.jsx **
- Execute the LightroomToPremiere.jsx with ExtendSkript Toolkit (it will be much more efficient , if you make ExtendSkript Toolkit the default program for opening *.jsx files)
- The Files will be imported with this script into Premiere

** After clicking ”Build LightroomToPremiere.jsx” the file “LightroomToPremiere.jsx” should have been created on your desktop and a new explorer window should pop up with it selected.
# If nothing happens:
-- try to change the path of the Plug-In folder. Maybe use it directly from your hard drive with the path “C:/LightroomToPremiere.lrplugin”
-- Look up your Firewall/Antivirus/Admin restrictions

The source code is well documented. You can easily change it to your needs if you undestand a little bit of c++- and lua-programming languages

If you like this Plug-In, please have a look at the URL-Link in the extracted Plug-in folder