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Keep your tools, actions and scripts just the way you want!

Keep your tools, actions and scripts just the way you want!


Brusherator is a system of several panels and scripts that will allow you to work with high efficiency and speed. It’s not a brush manager for you instruments that will spit all the tools you have to you, but rather like a highly customisable surgeon table when you have all the tools you need for particular task in the right places.
And you can have several tables for different tasks.
And also you can switch between them in a press of the button.



- add brushes and tools by clicking on them using the ”Add from History or Selected” command
- better integration with scripts, ”Add Menu Item” command now includes commands from panels flyout menus
- shelves export / import was rewritten
- add custom titles to buttons using the new ”Item Title” in the Edit Button window

Window > Extensions > Brusherator — for the main panel;
Brusherator Plus and Brusherator Plus 2 for additional canvases;
Brusherator Preview shows previews of Brusherator buttons;
Brusherator History shows last used tools in Photoshop;

More By This Producer:

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  • Perspective Tools let you to create and manage perspective and parallel grids, warp layers in perspective and unwrap perspective to orthogonal layers.