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Watercolor Vector Styles

Create your own design in a casual and natural watercolor style.

Create your own design in a casual and natural watercolor style.


Design created in the watercolor style is always perceived as done by hand, with love. Applying the watercolor effect you will make your product light and with gentle shade. Today in our digital world feel yourself as a painter, remember childhood when you drew your first works.

Create your own product in a casual and natural style: postcards, invitations to the wedding, posters, logos, patterns on T-shirts. With this style it is easy to create nice looking clip-arts. Simply and quickly without problems you can create realistic vector files. Using this style, you can get uneven outlines with a natural darkening to the edge.

You will like the realistic texture and the transfusion of colors and shades. Carefully review the demo video of the whole process of using, structure and content of my product.

SEE 1-minute demo video: https://youtu.be/PKZ6YEi4gLw

Very easy to use - simply select one of the 18 styles of watercolor and run action.


18 multi-colored realistic styles (RGB/CMYK and CS6/CC, CC2014-CC2017)
44 vector drops and stains
Vectorize actions
User Guide



Step 1: Run your Adobe Photoshop.

Step 2: You will find zip archive 'Watercolor Vector.zip' in your local 'Downloads' folder on 'C' drive after receiving the add-on.

Step 3: Unzip this archive to any folder.

Step 4: Open folder and find 'User Guide' PDF file.

Step 5: Follow all instructions and see all video tutorials.


If you have any problems with installation process follow to this two simple steps:

Step 1: Check this thread https://www.adobeexchange.com/resources/19

Step 2: Write me on my e-mail: hello@graphicspirit.net

P.S. Also you can contact with any questions about my products.

I'll be glad to help you!

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