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Chroma-key System

Chroma-key System

This product contains powerful Photoshop works that let you create remove the background of the your picture. And you can make a high-quality image by combining the picture with the supplied background image.

※ How to use
- First, you need to install the Chroma-x App on the apple store.
- Select background image in the iPhone app and synchronize it.
- Take a picture while looking at the synchronized background. (Photographs should be taken in front of green or blue screens.)
- Run the Chroma-x App in Photoshop and log in.
- Import a photo taken and run a composition.
- Removes the background image from the photo, and combine synchronized background images automatically.
- The results created are stored as the PSD file.

You may see the detailed information by following this link: http://chroma-x.com



You can find this extension on 'Menu->Windows->Extensions'