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325 Blogger Actions And ACRs For Photoshop

325 Blogger Photoshop Actions & Adobe Camera Raw Presets for Modern, Trendy, Professional Results in Photoshop for Blog Photographs

325 Blogger Photoshop Actions & Adobe Camera Raw Presets for Modern, Trendy, Professional Results in Photoshop for Blog Photographs


*325+ User Friendly Blogger Photoshop ACRS & Actions for Fashion, Portraits, Street Photography, Food, Products, Editorial, and Modern Photography*

- User Friendly, Easy to Use, One Click, fully adjustable Photoshop Actions & ACR Presets to help you achieve better imagery for your blog.

Our Blogger Collection is a curated collection of our best, modern, creative, editorial Photoshop Products. As a blogger myself I love having a variety of tones and film like Actions/Filters to choose from.

- You can add editorial tones with our Street Photography Collection, Add Fashion and Moody tones with our Fine Art Indie Collection, Add Creative tones with our Deep Moods Actions, Correct Product Photography with our Product Actions & ACRs, Edit Portraits to have smooth vibrant skin and amazing depth with our Portrait ACRs & Retouching Actions, and Create Bright airy warm edit with our Bright & Airy ACRs & Actions.

These will give you an Instagram worthy photo every time you edit!

Comes with full instructions for Photoshop

**115 Included Actions for Photoshop:**
- 30 Deep Moods Modern Actions
- 10 Matte Actions
- 25 Product Photography Actions
- 10 Black & White Actions
- 20 Bright & Airy Actions
- 20 Retouching Actions

**230 Included ACR Filters For Photoshop**
- 60 Portrait
- 20 Matte
- 20 Black & White
- 40 Fine Art
- 25 Street Photography
- 25 Bright & Airy
- 40 Product Photography

They will give you a vary dramatic look and change your image quite a bit. You have full control over these products and can fully adjust the effects.
Theses look great on a wide variety of indoor/outdoor images.

---------Why choose us for your editing resources?----------

--Our Products are Professionally made, we pride ourselves on creating natural tool designed to evoke tone, style, and mood.

--You will be able to achieve consistency within your work, creating a style and a cohesive look to all your images, all while streamlining your editing.

--All of our products have been tested on a variety of images and they are very versatile. As photographers ourselves we use these tools to speed up our workflow, and give our images a creative edge.

--Take your photography to the next level, being able to professionally edit your images.

Keep in touch around the web:

@louandmarks on instagram
and @louandmarks around the web

***These can only be used in Adobe Photoshop.***
-This package of presets is compatible with Photoshop 4, 5, 6 and your Creative Cloud Version-
*Compatible with Adobe Raw, Tiff and JPEG.*
All products come with installation instructions.
Once payment is made you can download the presets instantly.
Contact us with any questions regarding your order or using your presets we will be happy to help!

XOXO Lou & Marks
© 2017, Lou & Marks, All Rights Reserved

Do not sharing the files, or selling them in any form. Derivative works are also prohibited. VIOLATORS OF THIS AGREEMENT WILL BE PROSECUTED



1. Download and unzip the presets you purchased.

2. Place them in the following location:

*Mac(user)>Library>Application Support>Adobe>Camera Raw>Settings
*Win (user)>Application Data>Adobe>Camera Raw>Settings

Copy the preset files (.xmp) into the 'settings' folder, do not create a folder as folders are not supported in ACR.

*To show Library, hold down the option key while selecting “Go” in the Mac Finder menu on your desktop.

Make sure you only copy the preset files (.xmp) into the 'settings' folder, specified above, as folders are not supported in Camera Raw.

If you are on a Mac, the Library menu may be hidden, depending on your operating system. To reveal it, hold the Option key down while selecting the “Go” menu in the Finder.
If you're still having troubles finding the 'Settings' folder, you can also save a file within ACR and search for it on your computer. When found make a shortcut to the 'Settings' folder either in your sidebar or as a desktop shortcut for easy access.

Full Instructions are included within your zip file once you uncompress.
If you have any questions or need any help down't hesitate to message us Louandmarks@gmail.com

For MAC & PC

1. Download and Unzip the presets.
2. Place all your actions in a folder.
3. Open Adobe Photoshop.
4. Click ”Actions” Under the ”Window” button. A checkmark will appear next to it and an Actions window should open.
5. Click the small arrow on the top, right hand side on the Actions window.
6. Select ”Load Actions“.
7. Locate the Action you want to use - you can only load one at a time - and click ”Open”.
8. Check the box of the action you want to use and hit the ”Play” button on the bottom of your layers window.
9. *Optional* In the Actions Menu Check the Button Mode to access one click Actions

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