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Landscape HDR Presets for Lightroom

HDR Landscape Presets for Lightroom

HDR Landscape Presets for Lightroom


Landscape HDR is a professionally designed pack of 22 Presets for Lightroom converting your Landscape Photography in a HDR natural style.

Landscape HDR is a must have for photographers, bloggers and instagramers for landscape, travel or architecture photos.

This pack contains a total of 22 Presets for Lightroom


Works with:

RAW, DNG, JPG, TIFF and PSD files. Best results with RAW/DNG.

Compatible with:

Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, CC and Classic
Windows PC and Mac

IMPORTANT – You may need to have Adobe's Creative Cloud desktop App installed, log in and sync after purchase.



Updated CC compatibility

Download the file, you will get a zip file called ”HDR Natural II-Landscapes.zip”. Unzip it and you will get a folder called ”Landscape HDR Lightroom Presets” containing the presets

1. Download the presets and unzip them.
2. Open the Presets Folder in Lightroom o PC: Edit > Preferences o MAC: Lightroom > Preferences
3. Go to ”Presets” tab and click on ”Show Lightroom Presets Folder”
4. Go to ”Lightroom” folder y then to ”Develop Presets” folder
5. Paste the presets into the ”Develop Presets” folder.
6. Maybe you want to create a subfolder.
7. Close and Open Lightroom again
8. Start using them

Note for Lightroom Classic 7.3 users:
If you´re a user of Lightroom Classic 7.3, when you restart Lightroom the presets will automatically convert to .xmp extension and you can use them on Adobe Camera Raw inside Photoshop too.

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