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Notes Panel for Adobe Audition

Write notes for your Adobe Audition project within Adobe Audition!

Write notes for your Adobe Audition project within Adobe Audition!

The Notes Panel for Adobe Audition is an extension for Adobe Audition, which allows you to write notes for your multitrack sessions or audio files. It's similar to the notes functionality found in Logic Pro X on MacOS.

Your notes are saved inside as metadata in whatever file you have open, so the extension can create notes for any file that supports XMP metadata, for more info check this list:

Audio Files = Supported
Multitrack Sessions = Supported
CD Layouts = Not Supported

Your notes are automatically saved whenever you save your current document. Whenever you change the active document, the Notes panel will automatically refresh your notes to match the current document, saving you precious time when going between documents!
The panel also allows you to save your notes as a .txt file at any time!

Notes made using the extension will work across platforms and Audition versions! Meaning you could go from Adobe Audition CC 2015 on Windows to Adobe Audition CC 2017 on Mac without losing any of your notes.

Your notes can also be seen in other applications that support XMP metadata, as your notes are stored in the ”comments” XMP field. This can also be seen in Audition itself using the Metadata panel.

Mike Russel from Music Radio Creative created a nice little video on the extension, which can be seen right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pShfH8xD5Bw.

NOTE: If you are stuck or have a question regarding the extension I recommend sending an email to me at ole@henrikstabell.com



- Adds support for the latest version of Adobe Audition and future versions,
- Fixes smaller bugs

Navigate to Windows -> Extensions to find ”Notes”

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