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jQuery Responsive Menu

Highly customizable, responsive multi-level mega menu, based on jQuery and CSS3. Component has different menu layouts, menu items, icons, and subtitles.

Highly customizable, responsive multi-level mega menu, based on jQuery and CSS3. Component has different menu layouts, menu items, icons, and subtitles.


Intuitive and eye-catching site navigation is a very important part of any website design. We consider this professionally made mega menu to be really great, powerful and exactly what you need as it has lots of features and options. First of all it has a responsive design which makes sure that both desktop and mobile site visitors will get accessible and convenient navigation. It will allow you to create both vertical and horizontal responsive menus. You can create a horizontal drop down menu with two different sub-menu layouts, vertical menu with a side drop, and vertical accordion slider menu. Additionally, to enrich visual menu appearance, items can have icons and subtitles. Mega menu is based on an HTML list of links and actively using the latest CSS3 features and transitions. The component is fully browser compatible, and will work on mobile devices. Menu is search engine friendly, as all the menu titles, subtitles and links are placed directly in page code, absolutely accessible to search engines. You don't need to be an expert in web design and to know programming languages to add navigation for your site. The user interface allows you to create your menus, and change their appearance without the need for complex hand coding and manual CSS editing.


- Customization
There is no need to dig into CSS files to make some changes in menu style. Visual design user interface allows you to change almost everything to fit the look and feel you want without the need for complex hand coding.

- Responsive design
Menu has responsive design so it can adapt to any screen size.

- Different menu layouts
Component includes several menu layouts: horizontal with horizontal drop down sub-menus, horizontal with vertical drop down sub-menus, vertical menu with both sides drop down and vertical accordion slider menu.

- Unlimited sub menus with over HTML content
There is no limit on the depth of sub menu which drops down over the HTML content.

- Subtitle
Navigation items can have optional sub titles.

- Icons
Navigation can have optional icons for each menu item.

- HTML item
You can add an HTML item as a menu element, where you can add images, text and any other HTML code.

- Menu editor
You can easily create necessary menu navigation using menu structure editor. Through the menu editor you can add or remove items from the menu.

- Menu item state
Menu item can have different states: Normal, Active and Hover.

- Transition easing
Menu has different easing effects of sub item expanding and beautiful hover animations for menu items.

- SEO-friendly
Menu is based on an un-ordered list, semantically correct links structure is considered to be the best Search Engine Optimization solution for navigation menus.



1.0.1 - fixed some bugs.
1.0.2 - fixed some bugs.
1.0.3 - sub menus were not reflected in IE9.
1.0.4 - fixed some bugs.
1.1.5 - new feature: Up direction for sub menu drop.
1.1.6 - improvements for mobile devices.
1.1.7 - problems with hover color when”subMenuOpenOnClick” is true.
1.1.8 - unnecessary double quote was inserted in the menu div.
1.1.9 - extension update.
1.1.10 - mouse doesn't work on devices with touchscreen + mouse.
1.1.11 - improvements for mobile devices.

Dreamweaver CS3-CS6 Users! Please contact us via email: support@solutions4website.com in order to get the extension for your Dreamweaver version and don't forget to attach your Adobe receipt!

You can access this extension through Insert > Solutions4Website > jQuery Responsive Menu.

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