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Sauce - Video Collaboration for Teams

Fast, effective cloud-based collaboration for video

Fast, effective cloud-based collaboration for video

Collaborate with your teams, clients and community and create awesome videos together. The Sauce platform turns any community into a film crew anywhere, anytime empowering you to source incredible content quickly and affordably.

Get started with Sauce:

1. Create a video project in the Sauce app with a brief to describe the aim and content required.
2. Invite collaborators to capture and upload their video clips to your project.
3. As clips come in you'll have instant acces to watch and download them right in Premiere Pro, to edit into your final video.

Sauce offers a seamless solution for creating videos in groups. Sauce is so much easier than transferring files via email, dropbox, or WeTransfer. With all your video clips arranged in each project, you can watch exactly what content you have and even notify your group to keep them updated. It's the best collaboration tool for video!

Sauce empowers collaboration between communities around the world creating world inspiring stories that may never otherwise have been told.

Are you a brand or organisation looking for a video collaboration tool? Get in touch! team@sauce.video

Visit our website: www.sauce.video



Navigate to Windows -> Extensions -> Sauce Video