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Small utility which makes it easy to handle different footage versions in massive shot shows.

Small utility which makes it easy to handle different footage versions in massive shot shows.


This utility is designed to save a lot of time when dealing with a lot of different versions of your source material.
The normal workflow would be to rightclick and replace the media asset, to search for your whole filesystem, click the new version and to hit enter.
That might work so far. But are you sure you chose the right version? Or even the right clip?
Of course you could just repeat the whole procedure. Then you had one Clip replaced. But there were still MANY more to go.
If that problem sounds familiar to you, you found the perfect tool to save not only a lot of time but also a lot of nerves – and to gain security.

How it works
The VersionChanger detects automatically all of your footage, no matter if it's videofiles, image sequences or pictures –basing on the parameters you provided.
Then you get a simple list which shows you all of your sources which contain a version numbering
(ex. v004) in their path.
Now simply hit the Version Up Button and you have automatically updated all of your many shots.
All of that in less than a minute. Quite a timesaver compared to the manual way, isn't it?
Through its small size VersionChanger doesn’t disturb you while editing and can be kept open the whole time.

Technical Specs
Because no pipeline equals the other, you can provide your own regex expression to fit the tool to your pipeline and not the other way around.
With the standard /([v]\d\d\d\d)/g the VersionChanger will recognize sources which contain a version numbering starting with a “v” followed by four digits representing the version.
For Example Shot_Name_v003_121 , 121 representing the frame count in this example.
This would be updated to Shot_Name_v004_121 in no time.

Perfect for:
- Vfx-Workflows
- DaVinci to Premiere
- Editorial
- Simply everyone who needs flexibility in changing his or her sources

-Missing Frame Checker
-Automatic Checking for new Version

AV MEDIEN Film und Fernsehen GmbH, Leon Eisemann



1.0.2 - Initial Release

The addon should be downloaded automatically through the Creative Cloud Application and is available under windows>extensions>VersionChanger.
If the download doesn't start automatically, please make sure that the file synchronization is turned on in the CC Application and the current user has admin rights.

If it still doesn't work, download the package manually and install it with the free ZXPInstaller which can be found here: http://zxpinstaller.com/