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Wriggles & Crawlies Brushes

Wriggles & Crawlies Vector Brushes

Wriggles & Crawlies Vector Brushes


A collection of Wrigglies (worms, Centipede, Millipede, Caterpillar) and Crawlies (Red Ant, Black Ant, Cockroach and Beetle) Vector brushes. Simply add to a simple line and shape to your liking for unique high quality designs. You have infinite control over the look of your brush using the powerful options of Illustrators brushes.



The brushes will be installed in your Illustrator Brushes Folder. There will also be an artwork version of the brushes located here as well - this file contains the original artwork with the blends intact which was used to make the brushes. Feel free to adjust and create more brushes or can be used to increase the blend count incase needed for large high resolution prints.

To use the brushes in Illustrator go to window > Brush Libraries > wrigggliesCrawliesBrushes. A new Brush palette will appear with the brushes - happy creating!

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