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Waveform Artist - MP3 to Waveform Poster

Turn your MP3 Files to Waveform Posters

Turn your MP3 Files to Waveform Posters


WaveformArtist converts your voice or any sound or song into works of art. You can create a beautiful waveform poster of any .mp3 file and hang it on your wall. Waveform Artist offers you several artistic styles and you can customize the final artwork. You can also save the waveform graphic as a vector .eps file and open in a vector app like Illustrator or Coreldraw.

Requires Photoshop CC2015 or later



Navigate to Downloads folder and expand the Design Rocket - WaveformArtist.zip file. Open Photoshop, go to File > Scripts > Browse and select the ”Install WaveformArtist.jsx file inside the ”Design Rocket - WaveformArtist” folder.
After installation, restart Photoshop
You can launch the xtension by going to Window > Extension menu

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