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Auto FX Software Mystical Ultimate Bundle Gen2

Mystical Ultimate Bundle Gen2 - Over 100 Photo Enhancement Software Effects

Mystical Ultimate Bundle Gen2 - Over 100 Photo Enhancement Software Effects


The Mystical Ultimate Bundle Gen2 is an integrated bundle of products that work together to overcome the most common challenges encountered with many of the issues with post production digital photo enhancement. The Mystical Ultimate Bundle Gen2 includes over 100 dynamic filters, any of which can be stacked and combined together to form an unlimited number of professional photo enhancements. Apply color toning, focal effects and lighting and discover how powerful this concept is when used in a dynamic environment. The Mystical Ultimate Bundle Gen2 fosters creative exploration and through the use of the Layers you can control the blending and effect stacking to further define the look you’re after. Each program in the suite is available under the Select AFX Effect menu. As you add them to your composition they appear on the Layer Palette letting you easily click to select them and control their blending and settings.

**** It is necessary to obtain an activation code to remove product from Trial Mode. *****

For MAC .dmg please consult www.autofx.com for more details.



This is the latest version

- Download and click the file Mystical_Photo_Effects_Gen2_Setup_Adobe.exe.

- Under Microsoft User Account Control Dialog click YES.

- Check radio button ”I accept the agreement and click NEXT

- The location is set to C:\Program Files (x86)\Auto FX Software\Mystical Gen2, just click NEXT and do not change the location. Allow to install to default.

- Check or Uncheck Create a desktop shortcut. This is a personal preference. Adding desktop shortcut is default. Click NEXT


- Allow to Install and click finish. The app will launch.

When Installed you need to obtain your activation code. Your activation code is emailed to you and allows you full support through custservice@autofx.com for the duration of the product, as long as it is supported. Support ends when a newer upgrade is avail in the future. You will be eligible for future upgrades at a discounted price after you complete your activation. Once you receive your activation code you will place it in the slot and activate your entire product. Your product starts off in demo mode with a 15 day trial. When you activate your product you remove trial mode and all functionality is available perpetually. Updates are avail for the product from time to time free of charge.

For Mac .dmg please contact www.autofx.com or custservice@autofx.com for further info.