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CyberLink VR Stabilizer

Video Stabilizer for 360 video

Video Stabilizer for 360 video


Shaky video footage is virtually unavoidable when shooting with a 360º camera. Ask any film-maker and they’ll tell you stabilizing that video footage can be a painstaking task, not to mention a very expensive one. But now all that’s changing thanks to CyberLink's VR Stabilizer plug-in for Adobe® Premiere® Pro & After Effects.

As a world leader in digital media software and a pioneer in VR & 360º video editing technologies, CyberLink’s 360º VR stabilization will have you producing mind-blowing VR videos, free of shakes and stutters, in next to no time!

CyberLink’s VR Stabilizer plug-in gives you:

Intelligent video stabilization
Our advanced 360º video analysis algorithm means you just need to adjust two sliders and our software will do the rest of the work for you!

Complete keyframe control
Set the default viewing angle (what the viewer sees when your video starts), and adjust viewing angles and degrees with three simple sliders.

Seamless integration into your workflow
CyberLink's VR Stabilizer plug-in is designed to integrate into your workflow. It's fast, simple and will let you quickly stabilize shaky video footage and return to more important video editing tasks in no time.



NOTE: This product is only for the Windows version of Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC 2017 or newer.

1. Download & save the installer file to your computer. The installer downloaded via the Creative Cloud Desktop App or Adobe Extension Manager will appear in your ”Downloads” folder.
2. Double-click the installer file to run it.
3. Follow the instructions to install.
4. Launch Premiere Pro CC or After Effects CC
5. Go to Effects panel > Video Effects > CyberLink > VR Stabilizer and apply to your 360 video.
6. For purchased versions go to Effect Controls panel > Activation and activate your VR Stabilizer.

For more help plus cool tips and tutorials, please visit us at https://www.cyberlink.com/

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