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HashtagIA for Lightroom

HashtagIA - Automatic Tagging of your Images

HashtagIA - Automatic Tagging of your Images

HashtagIA is a lightroom plugin that allows you to automatically tags your images using artificial intelligence.

It uses a custom api built on google vision and other custom algorithms to analyze your images.

HashtagIA plugin works with a credit based billing system : it comes with 10 free credits and you can buy additionnal credit packs when you need them.

If you don't use it, you don't pay it !



After downloading the plugin, you should find a file called ”hashtagialrplugin.zip” in your download directory.

If you are using a Mac it will be in ”Downloads” by default.

Unzip this file and place the plugin file in your Applications folder on Mac, or Programs folder on Windows. You can now use the Lightroom Plugin Manager to install the new plugin :

In Lightroom go to File > Plug-in Manager, a popup will appear.
Click on ”Add” in the bottom left corner and browse to select to unziped file in your Applications folder.

Once it's installed, you can select a picture and click on Library / Plugin Extra / Tag Selected Photo