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Squash and Stretch Free

Create animations in After Effects with Squash and Stretch in no time

Create animations in After Effects with Squash and Stretch in no time

Squash & Stretch is a free tool that enables you to save time with a collection of ready to use behaviors, carefully handcrafted by professionals and controlled by an intelligent system – ensuring that your animations come to life without starting each time from scratch.


Handcrafted Animations - all Squash & Stretch animations are carefully handcrafted by professionals, because there is no way to automate emotion and creativity.

Intelligent Adjustments - Squash & Stretch adjusts the behaviors to each individual layer, to ensure they always look good. You already have other animations applied to a layer? Squash & Stretch can even adjust those to make sure both start and end of a behavior fit into the context seamlessly.

Sound - Squash & Stretch behaviors not only move and deform a layer but also come with a variety of built-in sound designs for maximum impact. Just select a sound design and it will be inserted into your composition when you apply the behavior. Of course, you can also use the sounds independently of Squash & Stretch as any normal stock sound effects collection.



This update fixes some issues with applying multiple behaviors to the same layer.
Fixed broken library search function on newer Ae versions.

You find Squash & Stretch Free in the Ae menu at Window->Extensions