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The extension which adjust canvas size on Photoshop

The extension which adjust canvas size on Photoshop

The extension for adjust crop size or make guide and margin stably
easy to adjust canvas size just fill in the form how adjust canvas size and then the extension adjust the canvas size

Options is…

Unit type
You can choose unit type any number of form follows the unit which you choose

extend canvas size
fill in forms how long canvas size you adjust
you can fill number including minus value

Add guide
After extend canvas size the extension adds guide

Add background color
After extend canvas size the extension makes background layer and you can choose any color

For all opened files
the process launches for all opened files

Add guide center
Add guide center of document horizontal and vertical both

Remove all guides
Before process the extension remove all guides

Save PSD jpeg
After process the extension saves as PSD and jpeg and then close document

Done button
Launch the process

Event mode
After crop, the extension launch the process automatically
The detail is watch the video

Compact mode
The panel will be shrink and just show your option so it wouldn't disturb your work space

You can save your option
It easy to set your option anytime

How register your preset
First choose your option and then fill in preset name finally click the register button
The extension register your preset

If you choose your preset from select box it set your option automatically
And if you click the delete button it's going to delete preset which you choose on select box

How check preset datas

Click the menu bar and choose the Show preset and then the panel shows preset data on itself

Japanese explanation here



support cc 2020

after installation you can find Window > Extension croppanel

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