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Dropbox Plugin (Mac OS)

Dropbox Export & Publishing Plugin for Adobe Lightroom (Mac OS)

Dropbox Export & Publishing Plugin for Adobe Lightroom (Mac OS)


Export and publish photos from Lightroom directly to Dropbox.
Mac OS version.



Added Lightroom Classic 7 support.
Added support for large files over 150 MB in size. Now the largest file you can upload is 2 GB.
Fixed the issue with having to re-authorize the plugin at Dropbox every time after restarting Lightroom.
Fixed the issue with uploading XMP sidecars.
Other bug fixes and improvements.

Adobe Extension Manager will place the installer disk image (DropboxExportPlugin_2.11.1.dmg) in your Downloads folder and mount the drive. Once the disk image has been mounted, you will see a prompt to install the Dropbox Plugin package file. Click the package icon to proceed.

If you are having issues downloading the installer through the Extension Manager, visit http://alloyphoto.com/plugins/dropbox/ and download the standalone installer.

Make sure to quit Lightroom before proceeding. Follow installation steps at http://alloyphoto.com/plugins/dropbox/dropbox-installation-instructions/ to correctly install and activate the product.

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