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Titler Pro 6 Ultimate

Remarkable graphics made easy.

Remarkable graphics made easy.


NewBlue Titler Pro 6 Ultimate is the standard for fast and efficient titling. This 6th generation titling plugin helps you simplify the creation and management of titles in your production. The rich set of design controls allows you to go far beyond the capabilities of your built-in title tool with After Effects support that lets you use your After Effects designs inside Titler Pro while keeping all your variables alive for instant edits. Titler Pro 6 Ultimate gives you the power to import PSD files, create beautiful motion graphics, animated masks, 3D text and much more with over $500 worth of built-in styles and templates. See how simple titling can be with Titler Pro 6 Ultimate.



After downloading Titler Pro 6 Ultimate, a zip file will download to your computer. Unzip this file to run the .exe (Windows) or .mpkg (Mac) installer. 

After installing Titler Pro 6 Ultimate, you will be greeted with the NewBlueFX App Manager.

If the NewBlueFX App Manager does not appear, you can launch it from the Applications folder in Mac or the Program Files folder in Windows.

Log in with your NewBlue Account, using the same information you used for NewBlueFX.com.

If you don't have an account, you can create one by clicking on ”Create an account” inside the App Manager.

Once you create your account, you will see a list of the current products you recently installed or own.

Enter a serial number to activate Titler Pro 6 Ultimate.

Click OK to activate your product. Your product will now display ”Current” instead of giving you an option to buy or activate.

You can access the NewBlueFX App Manager by launching the application from your Apps folder on Mac, the Program Files folder on Windows or through the Help menu inside Titler Pro 6 Ultimate.

To access Titler Pro 6 Ultimate from Premiere Pro, go to File > New > Titler Pro 6. Or from your bin, by clicking on the new object icon and selecting Titler Pro 6.

To access Titler Pro 6 Ultimate from After Effects, go to Layer > New > Solid, then go to your timeline and right-click on the Solid object you just created and select Effect > NewBlue Titler Pro 6 > Titler Pro 6.

Titler Pro 6 also works as a standalone, which you can find on your Applications folder in Mac or on your desktop on Windows.

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