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Open Industry-standard MrSID images directly in Photoshop.

Open Industry-standard MrSID images directly in Photoshop.

Compress allows you to open MrSID files directly within Photoshop. The MrSID format is an industry standard format in the geographic information systems (GIS) field; it affords very high compression ratios (both lossless and lossy) while maintaining high visual accuracy.



Compress works with Photoshop CC2017 and 2018. The plug-in is installed so that it will work with both versions if you have them both installed.

Compress can only open raster (bitmapped) images, not LiDAR images. (Specifically, the plug-in opens MrSID Generation 2, 3, and 4 unsigned 8-bit and 16-bit raster images of any color space.)

MrSID files usually have a very high compression ratio (20:1 or even higher). When you open the file in Photoshop, it will be decompressed, and so can require a large amount of scratch disk space.

If you make changes to the image after you have opened it, you may wish to crop it to include only the region necessary. Since MrSID files are very highly compressed, the saved document will be many times larger; by cropping the image, you reduce the final file size.

When you close a MrSID file, Photoshop will treat it as though you have made changes. If you have not made any changes, you can close the file without saving changes. If you have made edits, you can save it to another format; we suggest saving as a Photoshop document or TIFF image to retain as much detail as possible. However, because MrSID files are usually very highly compressed, the resultant file will likely be several times larger than the original.

To install:

The download consists of a .ZIP file containing installers for Mac and Windows. Locate the file named CompressPhotoshopPlugin.zip in your downloads folder and double-click it.

On Mac, the file will expand to a folder; this may be done automatically by your browser. Open the folder, then double-click the file named CompressPhotoshopPlugin.pkg and follow the on-screen instructions.

On Windows, the ZIP file will open and show the two installers; the Windows installer is named CompressPhotoshopPlugin.msi. Drag it to the desktop, double-click it, and follow the on-screen instructions.

When installation is complete, you can delete the installer files and the downloaded ZIP file.

The installer will place the plug-in into the following folder:

Mac: Applications\Extensis\Compress Photoshop Plug-in\

Windows: C:\Program Files\Extensis\Compress Photoshop Plugin\

The plug-in will be available to Photoshop CC 2017 and CC 2018.

Where to find it:

After you have installed the Compress plug-in, you can open files normally. MrSID files (having the extension .SID) will now be enabled by default in the Open File dialog, and you can also filter just that file type using the Format pop-up menu in the Open File dialog.

You can also place MrSID files into an existing Photoshop document using the Place Embedded or Place Linked commands.

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